For generations, McWane Pipe has been a global leader in manufacturing ductile iron products that are used in water distribution and infrastructure.

Our products are integral to the development and function of both plumbing and clean water works systems throughout the world. The people at McWane Pipe are dedicated to the production of the finest quality ductile iron pipe products on the market today.

At McWane Pipe, we have a long, rich history of manufacturing ductile iron pipe to meet the needs of our customers around the world. Strength and a long life cycle are two of the attributes that set ductile iron products apart from competing products. That advantage, combined with the service and attention to detail to which McWane Pipe employees aspire, result in a superior level of satisfaction for our customers.

Our ductile iron pipe products are made proudly in the United States.

Why Ductile Iron Pipe?

Modern ductile iron pipe has evolved through industry research, field experience, tight quality control and contemporary production techniques into the efficient product it is today. Learn more

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